ISTD Modern Exam Results November 2015

Grade 5

Charlotte Smith- Distinction 83

Lucy Holmes Merit  74

Dorota Tanska Merit 68

Emma Brittain Distinction 83

Katie Brittain Distinction 80

Alyss Bray Distinction 82

Erin Longley Distinction 90

Lucy Goodger Merit 70



Grade 4  

Phoebe Davies Merit 73

Katie Machnik Merit 70

Lucy Cole Distinction 82

Emily Cole Merit70

Amelia Day Merit 74

Grade 3

Olivia Orsborn Merit 70

Saffron Marlow Merit 72

Briony Dalton Merit 68

Holly Francis Merit 66

Grade 2  

Ashton Jupp Merit 76

Mariana Tania Cortez Merit 76

Very well done everyone , brilliant results .


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