Choreographic Competition June 2014

An inspirational afternoon filled with unusualĀ  and interesting choreography from all pupils, congratulations to all; I was very proud of you all!

Cup Winners

Junior Solo – Isabelle Wise

Senior Solo – Isobel Jupp

Musicality – Tamzin Elliott

Entertaining Pupil – Ashton Jupp

Entertaining Dance – Tavia LincolnĀ  & Ashton Jupp

Promising Pupil – Maisie Edwards

Promising Pupil Senior – Isobel Jupp

Original Dance – Charlotte Smith

Best Costume – Emma Brittain, Katie Brittain, Alyss Bray & Emily Gittings

8 Years & Under Cup – Briony Dalton

Miss Fuller Cup – Alisha Carver

Cup for Poise – Emily Licence

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